Belgian based animator and illustrator. Simple drawings for complex matters. You can wake me up at night if you need drawings about climate change, mobility and sustainable economy. But I also love to draw kangaroos with boxing gloves.

I often post sketches and sneak peaks of my work on instagram and facebook

City Council of Leuven – LVN April

Infographic with the most striking results of the “City Monitor” for the city magazine of the Belgian city of Leuven (in Dutch).

Fedagrim — Guarantee for agriculture in Belgium

Illustration for a Fedagrim publication about how to guarantee the agricultural sector in Belgium.

Taxistop & – MobiPunt

Taxistop and launch the “MobiPunt”. A Mobipunt is a local hub with different mobility functions to facilitate and promote multi modal transport. Its functions are location dependent, so a Mobipunt in a residential neighborhood will look different from one in a business area. I drew 14 parts in 2 directions to easily construct new … Continue reading “Taxistop & – MobiPunt”

VVSG: Roles in Living

De “Vlaamse Vereniging voor Steden en Gemeenten” (“Flemish Society for Cities and Towns”) (VVSG) developed six roles staff of residential care centres can take upon them to make activities for their residents more divers. I made an illustration for every role. Each activity can be a combination of several roles. The illustrations are made to … Continue reading “VVSG: Roles in Living”

Sint-Maarten hospital Mechelen – Map

Map to show the location of the new hospital campus


Illustration to promote local shopping and tourism in the Belgian town of Hoeilaart


Three illustrations to celebrate Carnival.

ACV: Equality Makes the Difference

Illustration about the different kinds of (in)equality for the Belgian Union ACV.


All projects around swapping, sharing, co-housing and energy of The Campine, a region in Flanders, are listed on

Flemish Climate Pact

On the first of December 2016 the Flemish Government launched their “Climate and Energy Pact” and revealed all their climate efforts to meet the Paris Agreement. The event was organised by Sylvester productions and I drew an illustration the Flemish Ministers put together as a puzzle. Ik also made animated screengraphics to match the style … Continue reading “Flemish Climate Pact”

20 Jaar community work Leuven (Belgium)

An illustration to celebrate 20 years of community work

Impossible traffic

The traffic knot is impossible to disentangle.

Things I see from my window

Sometimes I stare out my window and draw. It’s an exercise in minimal color use, design and creativity. When I’m in a fancy mood, I call it ‘self-development’.


A growing collection to celebrate the diversity and versatility of bicycle life.

City Region of Turnhout (BE) in 2040

‘Vormingplus Kempen’ asked citizens of the City Region of Turnhout (Belgium) how they wanted to look their region in 2040. I drew a map of al these plans and dreams. This map was part of a newspaper ‘Krant voor de Stadsregio Turnhout’ (in Dutch).

Climate city Sint-Niklaas

A collection of illustrations for the city council of the Belgian city of Sint-Niklaas to promote their climate efforts.

Rikolto — A Collection of Illustrations

An ever growing collection of hand drawn isometric illustrations for the Belgian branch of Rikolto.

Econoshock 2.0

In 2009, the book ‘Econoshock’ by the Belgian economist Geert Noels was published. Five years later, VRT-journalist Michaël Van Droogenbroeck goes on a quest for the roots, the consequences and possible solutions for the financial crisis we are facing today. The result is a four episodes documentary.

Eco murals

The building of Rikolto Belgium has been eco-renovated. I made these four murals to celebrate this.

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