2019 – The Year of the Pig

I live next to the Antwerp Chinatown, so I made this quick illustration to wish my Chinese Neighbours a great year of the pig.

Wall Painting Tom & Nele

He is a big fan of antique tractors. She plays the saxophone. They both really enjoyed their hiking holiday to Switzerland and still had a blank wall left in their living room. The rest is history.

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“Women are actually not that complicated”

Sometimes Jelle Goossens writes about life. He mails me these writings and waits patiently until I send him back a weird illustration. Experts might call this “a layered multidisciplinary cooperation”, but we don’t use these expensive words. We have no idea why we are doing this. Read Jelle on Jasperwiet.be (in Dutch, the language of Peter Paul Rubens).

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Like what you see? Maybe we can work together.
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Some characters

An ever growing set of funny characters. I have no idea why I am making these. Maybe they’ll find a home in one project or another.