LVN april

Move the slider to compare the first draft and finished illustration.

Infographic with the most striking results of the “City Monitor” for the city magazine of the Belgian city of Leuven (in Dutch).

To give you some insight in the process, I’d like to share some stages of this illustration with you. The deadline for this project was very short, so I had to make everything in the course of one week.

N°1 The intitial sketch

The first sketch is a very quick. I make these with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro on a Wacom Cintiq 16″ pro. I already finished a small part in Affinity Designer to demonstrate the finalized look.

N°2 A cleaner sketch

is a more elaborate sketch on paper to get the details right. I love sketching on paper and I feel that switching back and forth from screen to paper helps me to be more creative.

N°3 The finished drawing

This is the finished and colored version of the sketch, again in Affinity Designer.

N°4 A recolored version

In the end, the city council of Leuven asked me to swap the colors for a color palette that matches closer to the branding colors of their city magazine.

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