My Work

Doortocht tour de france druivenstreek

Tour de France ‘Druivenstreek’

My biggest work yet.

Eu alphabet: 26 drawings (one for each of every letter of the alphabet) to show and tell about the working and history of the European Parliament.

European Alphabet

26 Instagram Stories of the European Parliament.


Simple and colorful illustrations for a daycare center for babies and toddlers with disabilities.

Willem Pirquin standing in front of the finished mural painting

Wall Painting Tom & Nele

A huge mural for Friends.


A series of illustrations to help young asylum seekers.


Youth Work in a European Perspective


Look and find illustration against litter

Seaweed Farming in the North Sea

7 challenges for seaweed farming

LVN April

Infographics about Leuven


A Plan to Guarantee the agricultural sector in Belgium


Building blocks for modular mobility hubs.


Roles in living


A Map to show the relocation of the hospital

Ik koop in Hoeilaart

Illustration to promote local shopping and tourism in the Belgian town of Hoeilaart


Three illustrations to celebrate Carnival.


Equality Makes the Difference


Six short animations about sharing, recycling and sustainability

Flemish Climate Pact

Sustainability can be puzzling

City Council of Leuven

Celebrating 20 years of community work in Leuven (Belgium)

Impossible traffic

The traffic knot is impossible to disentangle


 A collection to celebrate the diversity and versatility of bicycle life.

Mijn 2040

Ideas for the City Region of Turnhout (BE) in 2040


Climate City


Because farmers deserve better

De Landgenoten

Farmland for Bio Farmers

Econoshock 2.0

Short explainers for a 4 episode documentary

Rikolto Belgium

Four murals to celebrate the eco-renovation of the Belgian hadquarters

Like what you see? Maybe we can work together.