My Heroes

An ever growing list of people and artists I admired at least for some time in my life for one thing or another. Read about them. Look them up, watch their work, read their writings. Maybe they’ll inspire you too.

Aphex TwinArno HintjensBrecht EvensChris WareChuck JonesDaft PunkDavid HockneyDick BrunaEric GillFiep WestendorpHayao MyazakiHokusaiH.R. GeigerHugo MatthyssenJessica HischeKeith HaringKim Jung GiLeonardo Da VinciMichelangeloMike MonteiroMiroslav ŠašekOtto NeurathPaul OtletQuentin TarantinoRalph SteadmanRien PoortvlietRichard WilliamsRobert BringhurstSaul BassStephen KingTaku BannaiWalt StanchfieldYukai Du

I am completely aware of the fact that there are way too less women on this list. Please inspire me and change my world view and send your suggestions to